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Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills is in the western part of Los Angeles county California. Beverly Hills and the city of West Hollywood are together and entirely surrounded by the city of Los Angeles. Beverly Hills bordered on the Los Angeles neighborhood of Bel Air and the Santa Monica Mountain, on the east by West Hollywood. The city has flat land were most of the residents live which includes all of Beverly Hills itself. The houses situated in the hillside north of Sunset Boulevard have higher prices than the average house price of the rest of the city. In Beverley Hills all the businesses and government offices are located south of Santa Monica Blvd. Beverly Hills has a warm Mediterranean climate, with an average high of 85degrees Fahrenheit in August and 67 degrees Fahrenheit in January. Beverly Hills receives an average 18 inches of rain per year and summers are marked down by warm to hot temperature with little wind, winter are warm to moderate to cool with occasional rain with periods of Santa Ana winds.